Welcome to muccaTypo

This foundry is an experiment born out of the necessity to exhume many years of type design left in the depths of my hard drive that have never seen the light of the day. Spring cleaning. Not bad as mission statement, is it?


In this case, it is forcing me to finish myriads of type projects fallen victim to chronic procrastination. An arguably greater hurdle is the fear of spending countless months to finalize each typeface, which I will inevitably want to fix and redraw again the moment they are introduced to the world. The idea that anything with months - or even years - of painstaking work behind it could be forever locked and uneditable is a cause for great anxiety.


Over the years, designing type has become more about the journey than the destination. My endless travel in the lands of curve bending, letter spacing, and obsessive kerning (without a deadline in sight) has become far more rewarding than seeing an end result. Without realizing it, I've become an expert wanderer. I began without a real destination in mind, which taught me not only to navigate uncharted territory, but to learn the skills necessary to launch into the next adventure. Suddenly, I discovered I was making fonts that people could actually use, without the need to call me out on a missing glyph or misplaced accent. After many meandering journeys, I’ve discovered I can look back at old work and fix it - now able to avoid the mistakes I made when I was less well-traveled.


The initial idea for a type foundry was conceived around 10 years ago with my friends and heroes, the talented Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich and Will Staehle. Like kids starting a band in our garage, we could already see the release of our first album and our resulting rise to stardom. Sadly the dream was bigger than all of us, and after a few months wrangling with FontLab we realized that’s all it was - a dream. For years, the foundry remained untouched, its failure embodied in a sad, broken Adobe Flash icon.

I have an exhaustive list of excuses for its comatose state, but the truth can be expressed with a single word: fear.


Fear is what caused me to fiddle with Bézier curves for years on end, cleaning up outlines and fucking around with spacing and then kerning. Fear that it was never loose enough and never tight enough. Fear of being judged by the many who rightfully call themselves type designers, who do this not as a hobby but as a real job; the ones whose work I revere and envy, with beautifully designed websites, who can name the font designer and the foundry  from the rare type specimen in their fancy library, who master Python scripts like a lion's tamer, and who effortlessly tweet to their thousands of followers.



This was a decision to show off my acquired proficiency as type maker with the kind of font that requires skills and ability. This was in addition to a remixed version of a couple of display faces derived from some of the branding jobs of Mucca Design that I'm sure will please every designer willing to play with them.


The upcoming releases will be coming from Mucca's library of custom faces for branding and from new designs produced specifically for MuccaTypo to delight my fellow design colleagues.


The only way to judge the success of this experiment is if it will make both of us happy. You as a user and me as a designer.


I really hope so.



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