It’s rare that a client will hire us for a project without supplying a creative brief, so we relished the opportunity to design a poster for AIGA Wichita on our own terms. Because their only requirement was to announce the lecture event, we were given a huge amount of creative freedom: that is, the freedom to shamelessly promote our custom typeface, Liminal.

Check out the full poster here!


Decoro Tuscan

Originally designed for Balthazar Restaurant, Decoro is one of our alpha-stage typefaces that never really left the nest. But when Brad Simon asked to adopt it for his beautifully designed invitation to the Wieden+Kennedy holiday party, we knew it’d be in good hands. As Brad explains, “The party’s theme is Russian extravagance, so I needed a typeface that exuded opulence and Decoro was the perfect fit.” Always great to see our work in the wild.

NoExit was designed for the branding of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. And because we loved it so much here at Mucca, we also used it for the poster promoting the talk that Matteo Bologna gave for the AIforGA in Austin, TX. The font for sale here is a new and improved version of the one used for the hotel and the poster with more weights and widths.


fonts in use